What's good about it?

Build your brand

Frampol will help you create a positive online presence that will engage your customers and generate interest in your company.

Promote your business

Get the most out of your advertising with targeted campaigns on social media that allow you to specify your target market by age, gender, interest or location!

Expand your network

Get connected on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn and grow your customer base digitally!


Expand your customer base through social media!


Brand voice strategy

Build a social media campaign to suit your values, mission and products, giving you a competitive edge and promoting brand loyalty.

Social media setup

Reach out to over a billion users online through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more! Social media will keep you up to date and connected with your customers anytime and anywhere!

Content management

Through regular posts, adverts, and product campaigns, we will make sure you are engaging your customers, improving your service, and building your brand.


Our service includes training your staff to manage your social media platforms and continue engaging with customers.

Mobile access

Get instant access to your social media platforms through mobile apps that help you stay in touch and informed.

Real time reporting

Get real-time reports on the status of your social media platforms, product campaigns, customer engagement and feedback.