What's good about it?


Having your own domain name will help you gain recognition and establish your reputation in the community.


Your own domain name gives you credibility and will gain the trust of your prospective clients.


You need to be easily accessible and a specific domain name makes it easier to search for you online.


Public email services are susceptible to hacking. By hosting a domain for you, we can ensure the safety and confidentiality of your communications.


Build your reputation!


Cloud-based access

Access your email from any device and keep in touch with students any time and anywhere.

Email security

Enjoy secure email service and support with our well-protected connection.

Free email support

The Frampol email service platform comes with full support, free of charge!

Value for money

Frampol domain hosting packages come at competitive prices and with excellent service.

Content filtering

Spam and malicious messages will automatically be filtered to your Spam or Trash folders, keeping your inbox clear of all junk mail.

Email archiving

Our support service includes managing and archiving emails for later reference.