What's good about it?

Threat prevention

With new threats emerging online daily, it is our highest priority to keep your school protected using specialised protection softwares such as Bitdefender, Fortinet and Eset Antivirus.

User productivity

Regulated browsing which allows users to access only those websites that facilitate learning will protect your students and your network.

Optimum performance

By managing your internet usage, you will save time and money, improve the speed and reliability of your network, and ensure its safety and privacy.

We've got you covered!

Other features

Application control

This will allow you to choose which applications run on which devices, who can access them and at which times, giving you the ability to ensure efficiency and productivity in your school.

Content filtering

Filter out inappropriate or insecure websites which may be harmful to your organisation, allowing you to protect your data and ensure the safety of your staff and students.

Risk assessment

Assess the state of your network and make informed decisions on security measures.

Automatic protection

Fortinet will automatically block harmful and malicious sites and software from accessing your network.